instead of “Emily, we’re proud of you for going to UM” its “Emily you’re an idiot, you’re ruining our lives for choosing that school.”

she refuses to speak to me because I’m beneath her.  she sits in her room and says “Chris, go tell her this,” or “Chris, go make her give me that,” and he does.

i’m not stupid.  I joke with my friends that I’m dumb and don’t know anything but I’m really not and I don’t like being spoken to like I’m ignorant.

they don’t understand how much they hurt me, how much these things eat at me for YEARS and YEARS.  they know you can hear anything anybody says from any inch of the house and they use that to talk about me so that I can hear every last word perfectly.

You guys think you are the poster children for Christianity but you are honestly the worst image of Christians I’ve ever seen.  Stop causing trouble with me when I’m clearly staying out of your way for a reason.  If you think that blatantly making fun of me IN FRONT OF ME AND MY FRIENDS makes you a fucking comedian then you obviously have a lot of issues you need to work on instead of constantly shoving my face into my mistakes and my past.  I’m sorry you’re so obsessed with me that you obviously cannot entertain yourselves without involving me.